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Why choose C. Little & Sons Ltd

C. Little and Sons Ltd. have been providing Auckland families with caring assistance and quality service for over 140 years.

We are passionate about ensuring that families have peace of mind through what is a very stressful time. C. Little and Sons Ltd. will ease you through arranging the funeral, making the process simple.

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We cover all your arrangements

C. Little and Sons Ltd. have relationships with various service providers ensuring that the arrangement process is simple. We can assist you with securing a venue, celebrant, embalming, vehicles, flowers, pre-planning, funeral grants and more.

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When someone you love dies

Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult, and is one of the most personal and emotional experiences in life, it can be confusing knowing where to start with arranging the funeral and what all is required.

C. Little and Sons Ltd. assists you by explaining the process and helping you every step of the way.

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Pre-Planning your funeral

C. Little and Sons Ltd’s Pre-planning service ensures that your details and preferences are carried out by your family in accordance with your exact wishes.
Why Pre-plan your funeral? Your personal choices are honoured, and your loved ones are comforted in knowing that they don’t have to make important decisions at such a stressful time. More ...

Arranging a Funeral

C. Little and Sons Ltd. is a 3rd generation family business which is committed to providing you with caring assistance and exceptional service.
Don’t hesitate to contact Little's to discuss the arrangement of a: Funeral service, funeral home, cremation, burial service, funeral celebrant, funeral hearse, casket and more, we are here to help. More ...

Cremation and Burial Service Specialists

C. Little and Sons Ltd. have been delivering Auckland families with exceptional cremation and burial services for over 140 years.
We have relationships with a variety ofserviceproviders and can assist you with securing a venue and celebrant, as well as embalming, vehicles, catering, flowers, pre-planning, grant and more. More ...

Our Services

C. Little and Sons Ltd. work with all ethnic groups from all religious and non-religious backgrounds. We take pride in delivering you with personalised stress free service.


Why Pre-plan your funeral? By Pre-planning your funeral, your wishes are executed exactly as you want them to be. Your loved ones are comforted in the knowledge that your personal choices are honoured by Little's.

Our Team

Funerals are an emotionally traumatic time, and the team of Funeral Director’s and fully trained staff at C. Little and Sons Ltd. understand, and are passionate about, easing you through the arrangement of the funeral, making the process simple.

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